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Master’s Degree (UAS)

Master's Degree Programme in Construction and Real Estate Management.
Master of Engineering, 60 ECTS

Master of Engineering, MEng

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Head of Degree Programme
Hannu Hakkarainen

Specific admission requirements

All applications must be sent to HTW Berlin; see
The studies includes at minimum one semester long (autumn/spring) studies at HTW Berlin.

Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning

Students have the right to apply for the recognition (AHOT in Metropolia) of prior learning. See general rules of Metropolia and Berlin HTW for recognition .

Qualification requirements and regulations

Qualification requirements and regulations are defined in the degree regulations of Metropolia:
Also regulations of HTW Berlin are in use.

Profile of the programme

The programme consists of construction and real estate studies, focusing on construction and real estate economics. Studies are part of International Master of Science degree, offered by Metropolia and HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences. The programme allows for a double degree, firstly with the Master of Science degree from Berlin and secondly with the possibility of the Finnish YAMK degree for those who have completed two years of work experience after their Bachelor degree.

Key learning outcomes

The main goal of the programme is to give knowledge of construction and real estate economics combined with renovation, building information modelling and project management.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

The programme offers international study environment, and gives the possibility for competence in leadership in the construction and real estate industry.

Access to further studies

The programme gives eligibility to continue studies e.g. in doctoral programmes of universities.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

The assessment criteria are defined in the degree regulations of Metropolia:
Other course-specific requirements are described in the course descriptions in the curriculum. Also regulations of HTW Berlin are in use.

Graduation requirements

A student is eligible to graduate when he/she has completed all the required courses set for the degree as a present student.

Mode of study

The two-year programme is offered completely in English, one year at each partner University. Metropolias' Civil Engineering B. Sc. students may complete some of their Master studies during the Bachelor programme.

Level of qualification

Master's Degree (Second Cycle)

Workplacement(s) and Work-based Learning

The degree does not include mandatory work placement. The students are mainly working while they study, and assignments and thesis is related to their organisations.

Obligatory or Optional Mobility

Degree students of Metropolia have second year internship in HTW Berlin and degree students of HTW first year in Helsinki.