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Social Work in Urban Areas - a Joint Program of Social Work in Helsinki, (Amsterdam, Ghent and Copenhagen)



The course explores the concept of urbanization and the challenges this poses to the social work profession. The diversity of Helsinki will be explored through observations, environmental screenings, field visits and lectures from practice based guest teachers. Theory during the semester focuses on four key concepts: urbanisation, migration, globalisation and diversity. These key concepts will be linked to social work practice and to methods within community work, empowerment approaches as well as human rights and ethical challenges. The teaching language in the Joint Programme is English.

Lectures begin on the 24th of August (so the int’l students can take part in the general orientation with other students from the 20th of August)
Lectures end on the 18th of December and final assignment is due on 15.1.2021. We have reserved space for supervision from the 7th to the 15th if students have not yet finished the final project work.




All compulsory

Further information

The programme focuses on Social Work in Urban Areas. It is divided into 6 'loops' of three weeks each.
• Loop 1 (week 1 - 3): Making sense of the city
• Loop 2 (week 4 - 6): Discovering Challenges in Urban Areas
• Loop 3 (week 7 - 9): Facing Superdiversity
• Loop 4 (week 10 - 12): Exploring Community Based Development
• Loop 5 (week 13 - 15): Ethics, Empowerment, and Critical Thinking
• Loop 6 (week 16 - 18): Rethinking Urban Social Work (Project work)
The last two weeks are an assessment period.

SW00EL06 Social Work in Urban Areas: Discovering the City, the Challenges in Urban Areas and Superdiversity 15 cr
SW00EL08 Social Work in Urban Areas: Exploring Community Based Development and Ethics and Empowerment in Practice with Final Project Work 15 cr