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Cloud and Server Systems



After completing this module the student knows different cloud computing technologies and applications. The student understands the basic mechanisms of cloud computing and implementations. Student can install cloud based computing system and choose the suitable cloud computing technologies for the services needed in the target organization.

Basics of virtualization and cloud computing, cloud computing functionalities and implementation of cloud computing based services, technologies used in cloud computing and most common cloud services. Utilizing virtualization in cloud computing.

Courses in academic year 2020-2021:
- Basics of Virtualization and Cloud Computing
- Enterprise Storage Administration
- Vmware vSphere ICM
- Windows Server & HyperV
- Amazon Web Services
- Microsoft Azure

Previous knowledge requirements:
Basic knowledge of information and communications technology. Please check the course-specific prerequisites from the course descriptions.

Language of instruction:

Contact lessons:
Lessons are arranged during weekdays at evening time 17:00-20:45, two evenings per week.

IT degree students: through OMA.
Open UAS students:
Max. 30 students.


All compulsory

TX00DW03 Amazon Cloud Foundation 5 cr
TX00DH59 Amazon Web Services 5 cr
TX00DH60 Basics of Virtualization and Cloud Computing 5 cr
TX00DW04 Microsoft Azure 5 cr
TX00DW02 Vmware vSphere ICM 5 cr
TX00DH58 Windows Server and HyperV 5 cr