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Elective Course Offering

Terveys - CampusOnline tarjonta (not translated)



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SX00EL65 Accessibility Online Studies 5 cr
SX00BN85 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology 5 cr
XX00DP94 Basics of Health Promotion 5 cr
SX00DU30 Childbearing, immigration and health 5 cr
KO00CE57 Health-enhancing Physical Activity and Technology 5 cr
SX00DW26 Henkilökohtainen budjetointi: Uusi toimintatapa sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon palveluiden ihmislähtöiseen järjestämiseen (not translated) 5 cr
SX00DQ56 Nursing of Sexual violence victims 5 cr
SX00EL26 Online health and social customer guidance, basic course 1 cr
SX00CS91 Practical Experiences from Working with Immigrants 5 cr
SX00DE18 Radiation safety for the personnel assisting in medical procedures 1 cr
SX00BY31 Rehabilitation as Multidisciplinary Collaboration 5 cr
XX00CH56 Stay Well - Social Wellbeing and Mental Health 5 cr
XX00CH59 Workplace wellbeing 5 cr