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Film and Television - Courses for Degree and Exchange Students, SPRING SEMESTER




Multidisciplinary Courses in Film & Television 30 ECTS
Courses for spring semester 2021
1) Short Form Experimental Documentary, 10 ECTS
2) Reality workshop, 10 ECTS
3) Independent Study Project, 5 ECTS
4) Media and Culture in Finland, 5 ECTS

Learning outcomes of the study module:
Students further develop their professional competence in industry-related workshops (5-10 ECTS each). The workshops focus on professional competence in visual storytelling, videography, editing, audio and writing. In the workshops, students implement content-based productions, where they have an opportunity to develop a wide variety of professional skills. Students are capable of performing to a professional standard in an industry initiated project. Courses combine both practical work and theory lessons, emphasizing on practical approach.


All compulsory

Optionality information

Optional courses for degree and exchange students in Film and Television degree programme

Prerequisite description


Prerequisites and co-requisites:
- Fundamentals of Media Production and Technology
- Film, Television and Audio Broadcasting
- or equivalent

Requiered skills:
Hands on basics of video production, audio production, journalism, content creation

KM00EN50 3D Animation Project 5 cr
KM00ES69 Independent Projects 5 cr
KM00EM62 Independent Study Project 5 cr
KM00DV26 Media and Culture in Finland 5 cr
KM00EM61 Reality Workshop 10 cr
KM00DV25 Short Form Experimental Documentary 10 cr
KM00ER59 Studies Completed During a Student Exchange Period 30 cr
KM00DQ59 Thesis Project 5 cr
KM00EN01 Valovirta Audiovisual 5 cr