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Kari Björn (not translated)


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XXX000-1004 Kielet (not translated) 0 cr
LX00CG47 Spanish 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG55 Spanish 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
LX00CF75 Italian 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
VV00CB59 Introduction to the Japanese Language 5 cr
VV00CE48 Japanese Continuation Course 5 cr
VV00CS90 Practical Japanese 5 cr
LX00CF76 French 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG45 French 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG49 French 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
LX00CF77 German 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
TX00CD18 Advanced Course in German 5 cr
LX00CG46 German 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG50 German 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
LX00CF78 Russia 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
XXX000-1005 Hyvinvointi (not translated) 0 cr
XX00DC26 Perspectives on child’s optimal growth and development 5 cr
SX00BU39 Entrepreneurship in Welfare, Leadership and Service Production 5 cr
SX00BO33 Internship in Voluntary Work 5 cr
XXX000-1006 Sustainable society (not translated) 0 cr
XX00DP86 Building a sustainable world 5 cr
XX00DP87 Towards sustainable society 5 cr
XX00DP88 Sustainable society -project 5 cr
XXX000-1007 Circular Economy (not translated) 0 cr
XX00DP89 Basics of Circular Economy 5 cr
XX00DP90 Accelerating the CE-business 5 cr
XX00DP91 Sustainable solutions project 5 cr
XXX000-1008 Hyvinvointivalmennus (not translated) 0 cr
KO00CE57 Health-enhancing Physical Activity and Technology 5 cr
XX00CH56 Stay Well - Social Wellbeing and Mental Health 5 cr
XX00CH58 Help – I know what to do! – First Aid and Safety at Work 5 cr
XXX000-1009 Hyvinvoiva työyhteisö (not translated) 0 cr
XX00CH60 Can I Be Me? – Gender and Sexuality in Professional Contexts 5 cr
XXX000-1011 Osaamispolku: Asiakaskokemus sosiaalisessa mediassa (not translated) 0 cr
XX00DQ55 Customers and Communication Design 5 cr
XXX000-1012 Osaamispolku: Corporate responsibility (not translated) 0 cr
XX00DP91 Sustainable solutions project 5 cr
XXX000-1015 Intensiivikurssit (not translated) 0 cr
XX00EU27 Control your mind, control your life 5 cr
XX00EV36 10 Days 100 Challenges 5 cr