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Elective Studies 2017-2021



Tähän tarjontakoriin kerätään lukuvuoden 2017-2019 terveysalan tutkintojen vapaasti valittavat opintojaksot. (not translated)


Select according to specific criteria: n

SX00EM48 100 days of active well-being 5 cr
SX00DH08 Academic thesis writing 5 cr
SX00DQ04 Advancing the clinical skills 5 cr
SX00DC81 Breastfeeding and Early Interaction 5 cr
SX00DC86 High-quality blood transfusions, blood cell from the donor to the patient 5 cr
SX00DO20 Knowledge and skills to stress management and relaxation with MBSR-method 5 cr
SX00DP84 Myllypuron lapsiperheiden ohjaustarvetta selvittävä opintojakso (not translated) 5 cr
SX00DQ56 Nursing of Sexual violence victims 5 cr
SX00CR31 Professional Finnish in Nursing 5 cr
SX00DO32 Swedish Language and Culture 5 cr
SX00EN85 TERVEYS Opinto- ja uraohjaus (not translated) 0 cr