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Automotive Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering, 240 ECTS

Bachelor of Engineering, BEng

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Heikki Parviainen
PL 4071
00079 Metropolia

Specific admission requirements

Doesn’t exist

Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning

The expert teacher of the subject at issue makes a statement of student’s prior learning and the head of the degree programme makes the decision.

Qualification requirements and regulations

No specific requirements or regulation. See Degree Regulations of Helsinki Metropolia UAS

Profile of the programme

Basics of automotive engineering:
Bachelor of Engineering understands the principles of physics in automotive applications, is familiar with the common chemicals, materials and their properties, is familiar with manufacturing methods, knows the basic structures, components and systems used in vehicles, understands the dynamic behaviour of the car and can describe and simulate it by using mathematics, is familiar with semiconductor technology and most important components.

Key learning outcomes

Competence in automotive specialities:
Bachelor of Engineering understands the most important structures of car chassis, body, tires, engine and power transmission, understands the meaning of service, masters the environmental effects of traffic, is familiar with the most important applications of electronics and information technology in cars, masters the diagnostics related to car service, knows the sensor technology and can reliably measure technical quantities.
Legislation competence:
Bachelor of Engineering knows the central points of legislation related to the structure of vehicles, traffic and driving, masters the rights and duties of employers and employees, masters the environmental and occupational health and safety legislation, knows the rights and duties of the consumer.
Competence in company finances and customer services:
Bachelor of Engineering knows the conditions for profitable business and understands the business idea of an automotive and transport company, understands the meaning of customer service in a service company, can communicate and act in an international organization, knows the fundamentals of leadership and can work as a foreman.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Expert positions depending on the specialisation option, for example positions on commercial car business, professional training, government administration or car inspection.

Access to further studies

Application validity to Master's Degree Programmes.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

According to Metropolia Degree Regulations.

Graduation requirements

According to Metropolia Degree Regulations.

Mode of study

Studies includes lectures, instructed exercises and laboratory work, learning and project tasks in group or individually, self-study, web based studies and work placement.

Level of qualification

Bachelor's Degree (First Cycle)

Workplacement(s) and Work-based Learning

The work placement is during studies. The studies are based on the working life's needs.

Obligatory or Optional Mobility

Several possibilities to study abroad.