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Master´s Degree Programme in Conservation
Master of Culture and Arts, 60 ECTS

Master of Culture and Arts

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Kirsi Perkiömäki

Specific admission requirements

Before applying for the Master's Degree, the student is expected to have a Bachelor's Degree in Conservation and 3 years practise.

Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning

According to the Degree Regulations of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences students may apply for identification and accreditation for prior learning as part of their compulsory or optional studies, provided they have prior learning corresponding to the curriculum before the course in question begins.

Qualification requirements and regulations

See the Degree Regulations of Helsinki Metropolia UAS.

Profile of the programme

After successfully completing his or her studies, the graduate should have the ability to solve complex problems and function effectively in a variety of contexts in a selected field of specialisation.

Key learning outcomes

The aim is to educate experts of the conservation field to work as specialists and leaders and to develope the conservation field.
The Master’s Programme represents a further development in the formal education of conservators in Finland. Recent changes in the status of conservation profession and the role of conservators within the heritage sector are naturally taken into account. The programme is designed to allow an individual student to develop her/his expertise in a particular area during studies.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

The degree is equal to the Master's degrees of the Universities. The MA-Conservator works as expert of the conservation in museums, archives, foundations or in business as a catalyst of the development

Access to further studies

PhD studies at the universities.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

According to the Degree Regulations of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences course assessment criteria are specified in the course implementation plan. The teacher in charge of the course will be responsible for the assessment. Students must be informed at the beginning of the course on the assessment principles, which must be based on the course objectives. Assessment takes primarily place for each course and applies to the students who have registered and been accepted on the course. If necessary, different components of a course may be assessed individually. If the course consists of several components, the teacher may point this out in the assessment principles contained in the implementation plan.

The assessment scale is as follows: excellent (5), very good (4), good (3), very satisfactory (2), satisfactory (1), fail (0) and pass (P).

Graduation requirements

Studies in the curriculum passed.

Mode of study

Part-time studies. The extent of the Master’s Programme is 60 credit points, the duration two years.

Level of qualification

Master's Degree (Second Cycle)

Workplacement(s) and Work-based Learning

Obligatory or Optional Mobility