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Prerequisite description

Opintojaksokohtaiset (not translated)

SX00BU38 Advanced Research and Development 5 cr
SX00BU38 Advanced Research and Development 5 cr
SX00BM46 Ageing policy, Legistalation and Services 5 cr
TX00DU27 Algorithms in Graph Theory 3 cr
LX00CN03 Analysis of Financial Statements 5 cr
SX00BN85 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology 5 cr
TX00DU05 Application Security Framework 5 cr
TX00BU58 Application software, programming and reportage 5 cr
TX00BU58 Application software, programming and reportage 5 cr
IT00DP82 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 5 cr
TX00CL32 Basics of electronics and automotive electrics 5 cr
SX00BU37 Basics of Research and Development 5 cr
SX00BU37 Basics of Research and Development 5 cr
KF00CT13 Basics of Women's Wear Draping 5 cr
LX00AD76 Branding 5 cr
LX00BM30 Business Accounting 5 cr
LX00BW58 Business Communication and Networking Skills 5 cr
LX00BM18 Business Economics 5 cr
LX00BM23 Business English for Global Communication 5 cr
LX00BM20 Business Law 5 cr
LX00BM29 Business Mathematics and Statistics 5 cr
TX00DC44 Calibration of Measurement Devices and Data Evaluation 3 cr
KI00BJ16 Chemistry 1 advanced course 5 cr
SX00BN75 Client Service and Counseling 5 cr
TX00CQ10 Combustion engines 10 cr
LX00BM28 Communication for Global Business 5 cr
LX00AD78 Competitive Intelligence 5 cr
LX00BX59 Contemporary Economic Issues 5 cr
LX00BW63 Controlling and Risk Management 5 cr
LX00BX67 Corporate Financial Management 5 cr
LX00BW55 Corporate Responsibility and Responsible Leadership 5 cr
TX00DU21 Cryptocurrencies, Digital Currencies for the Future? 3 cr
LX00CN04 Culture and Diversity in Business 5 cr
LX00BW71 Customer Oriented Communication in Swedish 5 cr
LX00BW70 Customer Relationship Development 5 cr
LX00CI14 Data Analytics 5 cr
TX00DB89 Design of Safe and Reliable Systems 3 cr
KQ00DT33 Design Thinking for Circular Economy 5 cr
LX00BW57 Development and Research Operations in an Organization 10 cr
LX00BY66 Development and Research Operations in an Organization 5 cr
S000DJ81 Development of Customer-Oriented Services 5 cr
LX00BW90 Development of Management Accounting 5 cr
S000DJ82 Development of Quality and Safety Management Processes 5 cr
LX00CI28 Digital Marketing 5 cr
TX00CQ62 Digital Signal Processing 5 cr
TX00DT99 Disruptive Changes Based on New Work and Coworking 3 cr
S000CY18 Diversity in Ageing and Services of Older People 5 cr
S000CY21 Diversity Management in Care of Older People 5 cr
TX00BU63 Dynamics and its applications 5 cr
LX00BM22 Economics 5 cr
LX00CF73 English for Accounting and Finance Professionals 5 cr
SX00BU39 Entrepreneurship in Welfare, Leadership and Service Production 5 cr
LX00BW76 ERP in Marketing 5 cr
LX00AD70 European Business Area 5 cr
LX00BX68 European Law and Business 5 cr
LX00BM31 Finance 5 cr
S000DK45 Financial Management and Accounting of Social and Health Care Organizations 5 cr
LX00BW69 Financial Swedish 5 cr
LX00BW94 Financing Law 5 cr
LX00CG43 Finnish 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG44 Finnish 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG48 Finnish 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
XX00BZ88 Finnish as a Second Language: Finnish at Work 5 cr
LX00CA19 Finnish Business Environment 5 cr
KQ00BO87 Forecasting the Future and International Design Field 5 cr
LX00CF76 French 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG45 French 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG49 French 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
XX00CH47 Fundamentals of Visual Communication in Media Publishing 15 cr
LX00CF77 German 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG46 German 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG50 German 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
SX00CR21 Gerontological Nursing 5 cr
SX00BM86 Gerontological Rehalibitation and Gerotechnology 5 cr
LX00CI10 Global Political Economy 5 cr
LX00BE69 Global Risk Trends – Markets and Mother Nature 5 cr
LX00CI46 Global Sourcing 5 cr
KO00CE57 Health-enhancing Physical Activity and Technology 5 cr
S000CF69 Health Business Economics and Business Models 5 cr
S000DJ87 Health Technology in Social and Health Care 5 cr
KO00CE56 Healthy eating - we are what we eat 5 cr
KI00BJ11 History, Philosophy and Ethics in Conservation 5 cr
KI00BJ07 History of Art, Culture and Materials I 5 cr
TX00DT60 Home Automation with ESP 8266 Workshop 3 cr
SX00DO57 How to Become a Good Writer 5 cr
LX00BW79 Human Resources Management 5 cr
LX00BW65 ICT in Accounting and Financing 5 cr
TI00CJ15 Image Processing with Matlab 3 cr
LX00BM27 Information Technology and ERP 5 cr
XX00BH18 Innovation Project 10 cr
IT00CR95 Internet of Things 5 cr
TX00DB92 Introduction to Embedded Android Programming 3 cr
TI00CJ45 Introduction to Japanese Language & Culture 3 cr
TX00DB91 Introduction to Machine Learning 3 cr
TX00DU07 Introduction to Smart Environments 3 cr
TX00DT51 Introduction to Software Engineering 3 cr
TX00DO25 Introduction to the Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi and AWS IoT 3 cr
TX00DT98 Introduction to Voice Interfaces 3 cr
TX00BQ18 Introductory Project 5 cr
LX00CI20 Investment and Portfolio Management 5 cr
LX00BW93 Investment Products and Financial Advising 5 cr
LX00CF75 Italian 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CI21 Law and Management in Practice 5 cr
LX00BM16 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5 cr
LX00BX77 Management Accounting 5 cr
LX00AD41 Management and Organisations 5 cr
SX00BN31 Management and Quality Assurance in Elderly Care 5 cr
LX00BW82 Management Jurisdiction 5 cr
LX00CA76 Managing Organizational and Corporate Communication 5 cr
LX00BM17 Marketing 5 cr
LX00BW78 Marketing and Labour Law 5 cr
LX00CI27 Marketing Practice 5 cr
LE00DH07 Marketing Professional Services 5 cr
LX00BW74 Marketing Research 5 cr
LX00BW75 Marketing Strategy 5 cr
LX00CG41 Marketing Strategy and Implementation 5 cr
TX00CM86 Mechanics of Materials 5 cr
SX00DQ56 Nursing of Sexual violence victims 5 cr
TX00CR74 Operation and maintenance 5 cr
SX00BP28 Optometric Management of Elderly People and Low Vision Patients 5 cr
KX00DM42 Paper Chemistry and degradation of paper 5 cr
KX00DM48 Paperikonservoinnin puhdistustekniikat (not translated) 5 cr
KI00BJ58 Paper making, identifying and fibre analysis 5 cr
LX00BW81 Performance Management and Compensation 5 cr
LX00BW54 Perspectives on Management 5 cr
LX00AD74 Political Economy of Finance 5 cr
SX00CS91 Practical Experiences from Working with Immigrants 5 cr
TX00DU16 Principles of Fuzzy Logic and Applications to Science and Engineering 3 cr
TX00BU67 Product design and manufacturing methods 15 cr
TX00BU67 Product design and manufacturing methods 15 cr
TX00DU06 Progressive Web App 3 cr
SX00BM85 Promoting of the Daily Functioning of People with Memory Disorders 5 cr
LX00BX66 Quantitative Research 5 cr
SX00BY17 Rehabilitation Outcomes 5 cr
LX00BX74 Research Methods 5 cr
LX00BW67 Research Methods in Finance and Accounting 5 cr
S000DJ90 Responsible Management in Social and Health Care Services 5 cr
TX00DT61 Robotic Arm Project 3 cr
LX00CF78 Russia 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
S000CF70 Service Innovations and Design 5 cr
LX00CI22 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Management 5 cr
LX00CF74 Spanish 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG47 Spanish 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG55 Spanish 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
TT00VI04 SQL and relational databases 3 cr
TX00BU62 Statics 5 cr
XX00CH56 Stay Well - Social Wellbeing and Mental Health 5 cr
XX00CH56 Stay Well - Social Wellbeing and Mental Health 5 cr
LX00CI23 Strategic Human Resource Management 5 cr
LX00AD77 Strategic Management in Action 5 cr
S000CY23 Strategic Management in Care of Older People 5 cr
LX00DM65 Strategy Theory and Implementation 5 cr
LX00CZ04 Sustainable Supply Chains 5 cr
LX00BW60 Swedish Business Communication 5 cr
TX00DU04 Systematic Innovation with Design-Thinking and Cross-Industry Innovation 3 cr
TX00DT53 The High Tech Start-up – Building an Idea, Refining the Idea and Taking it to Market 3 cr
TX00BU60 Thermal physics and vibrations of machines 5 cr
TX00BU60 Thermal physics and vibrations of machines 5 cr
KQ00DQ67 Transition Design for Circular Economy, MUKI III 5 cr
TX00BV38 Vehicle technology 1 15 cr
TX00DU26 Wireless Indoor Location Technologies 3 cr
XX00CH59 Workplace wellbeing 5 cr
LX00BM26 Work Society of the Future 5 cr