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Information Technology: Elective Studies




Below are elective studies offered by Information Technology (English Degree Programme) & Information and Communication Technology (Finnish Degree Programme).

* CLICK THE NAME OF THE STUDY MODULE: You will get more information about the content of the study module, teaching campus, language and group ID of the schedule.

* CLICK THE NAME OF THE COURSE: The content of the course opens up. When you click the implementation from the top, implementation details will open up.

NB! CHECK the previous knowledge requirements before enrolling! Please notice that, for example, some of the courses offered by the major of IoT and Cloud Computing are meant for IoT students only.

NB! CHECK the language of instruction! Some of the course are offered in Finnish.


* Schedules will be published sometime in December in
* Schedules will be planned so that the courses in the same study module (eg. TIVI-ELECT1) won't overlap.
* NB! you can't find the 3rd period elective courses by using your major group ID. Search the course schedules using course code or group ID (eg. TIVI-ELECT1).


* Enrolment for the courses starts on 2 Dec 2019 in OMA.
* Enrol in OMA: Student desktop / My studies / Enrolments
* Instructions:


Select according to specific criteria: 20 - 25 cr

Optionality information

Information Technology students:
* you can choose minimum of 20 credits of elective studies.

* in addition, you need to complete language studies according to your study plan, either:

a) Finnish for Foreigners 1 and 2: compulsory courses for students whose language of schooling education is not Finnish or Swedish (FFF1 and FFF2 courses are arranged during the 1st year of studies)

b) Engineering Swedish and Engineering Finnish: compulsory for students whose language of schooling education is Finnish. These courses are arranged at the same semester as electives are offered. Please check the language courses in spring semester.pdf from the folder Courses 2019-2020 in the IT - study guidance workspace in OMA.

TIVI_VALINNAISET-1014 ELECTIVE STUDY MODULES (courses start in the 3rd period) : 0 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1012 Neural Networks and Software Engineering (TIVI-ELECT1) 20 cr
TX00DV61 Mathematics and Methods in Machine Learning and Neural Networks 5 cr
TX00DV62 Neural Networks for Health Technology Applications 5 cr
TX00CR60 C/C++ Programming 5 cr
TX00CR58 Database Solutions 5 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1010 Game Applications (TIVI-ELECT2) 15 cr
TX00CD87 Game Design 5 cr
TX00CD89 Game Engines 5 cr
TX00CG87 Game Project 5 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1015 Mobile Solutions (TIVI-ELECT3) 15 cr
TX00CR78 Native Application Development with iOS and Android 15 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1013 Smart Systems & IoT and Cloud Computing (TIVI-ELECT4) 36 cr
TX00CI61 Embedded Systems Programming 5 cr
TX00DG08 Managing Linux Systems with Embedded Perspective 5 cr
TX00CR92 Applied Web Application Security: Attacks and Defense 6 cr
TX00DP60 Cybersecurity Operations 5 cr
TX00CS29 Next Generation Firewalls 5 cr
TX00DH58 Windows Server and HyperV 5 cr
TX00DH59 Amazon Web Services 5 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1009 ELECTIVE ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (courses start in the 4th period, except for the course Medical Product Research and Development) : 0 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1006 Health Technology 10 cr
TX00CR72 Medical Product Research and Development 10 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1011 Media Technology 15 cr
TX00DG11 3D Modelling and mixed reality applications 15 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1007 Mobile Solutions 15 cr
TX00CR77 Server-side Scripting Frameworks 15 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1004 Software Engineering 10 cr
TX00CR64 Android Programming 5 cr
TX00CR62 Unix/Linux Programming Platform 5 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1003 Game Applications 20 cr
TX00CR54 Extending Game Development Tools 5 cr
TX00CR53 C++ Programming, Advanced 5 cr
TX00CR52 Game Business 5 cr
TX00DP63 Machine Learning in Games 5 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1001 Smart Systems 15 cr
TX00CS04 Realtime Programming for Embedded Systems 5 cr
TX00DG09 Embedded Linux Basics (Using Yocto Project) 5 cr
TX00DB04 Programmable Systems on Chip (PSoC) Design 5 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1002 IoT and Cloud Computing 15 cr
TT00AC23 Multilayer Switching (CCNP Switch) 5 cr
TX00DH63 Advanced Course in Server Technologies 5 cr
TX00DP59 Mobile Networks 5 cr
TIVI_VALINNAISET-1018 Extensive Mathematics and Physics in Modern Technology 15 cr
TX00CR98 Extensive Mathematics and Physics I: Dynamic Phenomena 5 cr
TX00CR99 Extensive Mathematics and Physics II: Data and Probability 5 cr
TX00CS00 Extensive Mathematics and Physics III: Modelling and Simulation 5 cr