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All of courses are 100% online in TechClass environment and course materials are in English.





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TT00DU85 ASP.NET Core Application Development 5 cr
TT00EM53 Automated Software Testing with Selenium 5 cr
TT00EO92 Azure Machine Learning 15 cr
TT00DU86 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency fundamentals 5 cr
TT00DJ78 Developing Chatbots using Microsoft Bot Framework 6 cr
TT00CQ83 Developing Modern Web Platforms (HTML,CSS,JS) 15 cr
TT00EM54 Docker 5 cr
TT00EV08 Ethics of AI 4 cr
TT00EU30 Exploratory Data Analysis with Python 10 cr
TT00EM55 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 5 cr
TT00EO93 Fundamentals of Deep Learning 5 cr
TT00EM56 Fundamentals of Machine Learning 5 cr
TT00EM57 Fundamentals of Scrum and Becoming a Product Owner 8 cr
TT00EM58 GraphQL 5 cr
TT00CK71 Introduction to ASP .NET Web Forms 5 cr
TT00EU31 Introduction to Python for Data Science 8 cr
TT00CK70 Introduction to SQL Server 5 cr
TT00EO91 Machine Learning with Python 10 cr
TT00CM68 Mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 5 cr
TT00DG26 Mastering the Fundamentals of RESTful API Design 6 cr
TT00CR85 Mastering Version Control with Git 6 cr
TT00EV10 Microsoft Power BI 15 cr
TT00DW06 MongoDB 5 cr
TT00EN82 React.js 15 cr
TT00DW07 Software Testing and Quality Assurance 5 cr
TT00EV09 SQL for Data Science 8 cr
TT00EO90 TensorFlow 8 cr
TT00DW09 TypeScript 5 cr