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Metropolia Summer Studies 2021 (Bachelor's Degree)



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Summer Studies in Metropolia 24.5.-31.7.2021. See also ICT Summer School courses in August 2021:

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Information and Communication Unit's NonStop virtual offering
Course offering:

TT00ER70 Basics of Information Security 6 cr
TT00AC49 C# Programming Fundamentals 4 cr
TT00CB04 C++ Programming 3 cr
TT00VI06 C - Programming 3 cr
TT00CB05 C - Programming 3 cr
TT00CR29 CISSP: Certified Information System Security Professional 8 cr
TT00EM30 Discrete Mathematics 3 cr
TT00EM33 Engineering Mathematics 5 cr
TT00ER82 Engineering Physics 1 5 cr
TT00EM34 Engineering Mathematics 5 cr
TT00EM32 Introduction to C# programming 3 cr
TT00EM36 Introduction to Kotlin 3 cr
TT00CB03 Introduction to Java Programming 3 cr
TT00DV43 Introduction to JavaScript 5 cr
TT00EM31 NodeJS 3 cr
TT00VI08 Introduction to Programming (C++) 3 cr
TT00VI07 Introduction to Programming (Java) 3 cr
TT00VI01 Object-oriented programming (C++) 3 cr
TT00AB77 PHP Programming 3 cr
TT00CA99 PHP Programming 3 cr
TT00CB02 Python Programming 3 cr
TT00AB76 Python Programming 3 cr
TT00AC16 Ruby Programming 4 cr
TT00CB01 SQL and Relational Databases 3 cr
TT00AB74 SQL Basics 3 cr
TT00DV44 SQL and Relational Databases 5 cr
TT00EM35 Probability and Statistics 3 cr
TT00DU32 Game Programming with Unity 5 cr
SX00CS91 Practical Experiences from Working with Immigrants 5 cr
TX00DW42 Product data management 5 cr
MK2021-1001 Wellbeing Coaching 0 cr
KO00CE57 Health-enhancing Physical Activity and Technology 5 cr
XX00CH56 Stay Well - Social Wellbeing and Mental Health 5 cr
MK2021-1002 Healthy Workplace 0 cr
XX00CH59 Workplace wellbeing 5 cr
MK2021-1004 Liiketalous / Business School (not translated) 24 cr
LX00EJ59 Facebook & Instagram Marketing 5 cr
LX00EL58 EU Law - e-Commerce, Consumer Rights and Social Dumping 3 cr
LX00BE84 Advanced Excel 3 cr
LX00AD88 Integrated Professional Communication 5 cr
LX00EL55 Leadership 3 cr
LX00EU25 Integrated Project Management 5 cr