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Elective Course Offering

Business School Incoming Exchange Students (spring 2021)



The following course list is available for exchange students from an institution the Business school has an exchange agreement with and who have been nominated to the Business school by their home institution.

Please note that information in the ‘Upcoming implementations’ section in course descriptions will be updated constantly. Specific course schedules for spring 2021 will be available by early December 2021.


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LX00AD76 Branding 5 cr
LX00CI07 Business Law and Logistics 5 cr
LX00BX54 Communication for Global Business 5 cr
LX00AD78 Competitive Intelligence 5 cr
LX00BX59 Contemporary Economic Issues 5 cr
LX00BX67 Corporate Financial Management 5 cr
LX00CI14 Data Analytics 5 cr
LX00AD66 Digital Marketing 5 cr
LX00AD70 European Business Area 5 cr
LX00BX68 European Law and Business 5 cr
LX00BX47 Finance 5 cr
LX00CG43 Finnish 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG44 Finnish 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG48 Finnish 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
LX00CA19 Finnish Business Environment 5 cr
LX00BX50 Foundations of Management 5 cr
LX00CF76 French 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG45 French 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CF77 German 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG46 German 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00BE69 Global Risk Trends – Markets and Mother Nature 5 cr
LX00CI46 Global Sourcing 5 cr
XX00BH18 Innovation Project 10 cr
LX00BX75 International Markets and Business Practice 5 cr
LX00EN10 International Project Week for incoming exchange students - Business Ethics 2 cr
LX00CI20 Investment and Portfolio Management 5 cr
LX00BX58 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5 cr
LX00BX77 Management Accounting 5 cr
LX00AD41 Management and Organisations 5 cr
LX00CI27 Marketing Practice 5 cr
LX00CG41 Marketing Strategy and Implementation 5 cr
LX00AD74 Political Economy of Finance 5 cr
LX00BX66 Quantitative Research 5 cr
LX00BX74 Research Methods 5 cr
LX00BX78 Sales and Negotiation Skills 5 cr
LX00CF74 Spanish 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG47 Spanish 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CI23 Strategic Human Resource Management 5 cr
LX00AD77 Strategic Management in Action 5 cr
LX00CZ04 Sustainable Supply Chains 5 cr