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Includes Business School bachelor programmes elective courses. (EBA, EM) (Business Administration) (IBL)


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LX00BE84 Advanced Excel 3 cr
LX00AC21 Basics of SAP 3 cr
LX00AD76 Branding 5 cr
LX00AD78 Competitive Intelligence 5 cr
LX00BX67 Corporate Financial Management 5 cr
LX00CI14 Data Analytics 5 cr
LX00CI28 Digital Marketing 5 cr
LX00DQ93 EU-Law project work: Doing Business in EU 5 cr
LX00AD70 European Business Area 5 cr
LX00EJ59 Facebook & Instagram Marketing 5 cr
LX00CG43 Finnish 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG44 Finnish 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG48 Finnish 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
XX00BZ88 Finnish as a Second Language: Finnish at Work 5 cr
LX00CA19 Finnish Business Environment 5 cr
LX00CF76 French 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG45 French 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG49 French 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
LX00CF77 German 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG46 German 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CG50 German 3 (A2 - B1) 5 cr
LX00CI10 Global Political Economy 5 cr
LX00CI46 Global Sourcing 5 cr
LX00AD88 Integrated Professional Communication 5 cr
LX00DW24 Introduction to UAS Business Studies: Marketing and Sales 2 cr
LX00CI20 Investment and Portfolio Management 5 cr
LX00CF75 Italian 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CQ67 Key Ratios and Management 5 cr
LX00CI21 Law and Management in Practice 5 cr
LX00BX58 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5 cr
LX00AD41 Management and Organisations 5 cr
LX00CQ61 Management of Personnel and Sales 5 cr
LX00CI27 Marketing Practice 5 cr
LE00DH07 Marketing Professional Services 5 cr
LX00CF64 Nordplus Innovation Project 3 cr
LX00CQ66 Operating Environment and Marketing Mix of Retail Trade 5 cr
LX00BX66 Quantitative Research 5 cr
LX00CF78 Russia 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00BX78 Sales and Negotiation Skills 5 cr
LX00CI22 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Management 5 cr
LX00CF74 Spanish 1 (A1.1- A1.2) 5 cr
LX00CG47 Spanish 2 (A1.2 - A2) 5 cr
LX00CI23 Strategic Human Resource Management 5 cr
LX00BX61 Strategic Management - Context and Analysis 5 cr
LX00BX61 Strategic Management - Context and Analysis 5 cr
LX00AD77 Strategic Management in Action 5 cr
LX00CZ06 Supply Chain Strategies and Trends 5 cr
LX00CZ06 Supply Chain Strategies and Trends 5 cr
LX00CZ04 Sustainable Supply Chains 5 cr
LX00BW60 Swedish Business Communication 5 cr
LX00DT76 Työ- ja organisaatiopsykologia 3 cr