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Cyber Security online courses



Cyber Security courses are for Metropolia degree students.

Teacher in charge: Erik Pätynen, erik.patynen(at)


Select according to specific criteria: 1 - 4 cr

Further information


- Fill in an eform:

- Teacher in charge will give you instructions via email after you have enrolled to the course.

- NB! Enroll by 29.5.2020 at the latest, if you are planning to do the courses during summer time (June-August). Teacher in charge is not available to give instructions or assessment during the summer time.


- After completing the course, send an email to teacher in charge: erik.patynen(at)

- Teacher in charge will evaluate course and enter the credits in OMA.

- NB! Courses done during the summer time (June-August) will be evaluated at the end of August at the earliest.

NB! You need to do TT00DA37 Introduction to Cybersecurity course first because it is prerequisite for the course TT00CZ43 Cybersecurity Essentials. You may enroll to both at the same time, but you need to do Introduction to Cybersecurity first.

TT00CZ43 Cybersecurity Essentials 2 cr
TT00DA37 Introduction to Cybersecurity 1 cr
TT00DA38 Introduction to IoT 1 cr