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Elderly Care

Spring 2016

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Gerontological Competence
Introduction to Studying 5
Basics of Ageing 5
Physical Ageing 5
Professional Communication and IT Skills 5
Professionalism in Elderly Care 5
Basics of Medical Competence 5
Basics of Elderly Services
Rehabilitation as Multidisciplinary Collaboration 5
Ageing policy, Legistalation and Services 5
Basics of Research and Development 5
Promoting the Functional Capacity of the Elderly 15
Good Ageing
Gerontological Rehalibitation and Gerotechnology 5  
Promoting of the Daily Functioning of People with Memory Disorders 5  
Pharmacology and Medication 5  
Gerontological Care and Nursing 15  
Support for Living at Home
Promoting Wellbeing and Health 10  
Entrepreneurship in Welfare, Leadership and Service Production 5  
Old People at Home 15  
Development of Elderly Care
Innovation Project 10    
Advanced Research and Development 5    
Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs Intervention, Disabilities in Elderly Care 5    
Planning of the Bachelor’s Thesis 5    
Swedish at Work 5    
Finnish as a Second Language: Finnish at Work 5    
Multi-professional Elderly Care and Elective Module
Case Management and Empowering Client Work 10    
Implementing the Bachelor’s Thesis 5    
Elective Studies
Mental Health Care Among Children and Adolescents 3                                                  
Recruiting New students... 3                                                  
Preparatory Course in Swedish 3                                                  
English Review Course 3                                                  
ECG and Spirometry 3                                                  
Developing Countries Studies and Student Exchange in Developing Countries 3                                                  
engl 3                                                  
engl 3                                                  
Molecular Biology Techniques 1 3                                                  
Methods of Medical Mathematics 3                                                  
Training for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Foot Care - Support for Lifestyle Modification 3                                                  
Design and Fabrication of Therapeutic Shoe and the Individual Shoe Modifications 3                                                  
Safaty in Mobility and Working on the Ward 3                                                  
Mental Diseases in Adulthood 3                                                  
Training for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Foot Care - Support for Lifestyle Modification 3                                                  
Sport for all- Adapted Physical Activity 3                                                  
Taping in Physiotherapy 3                                                  
Therapeutic Play 3                                                  
Scientific Writing and Statistical Analysis Using SPSS-programme 3                                                  
Current Issues in Social Pedagogy 3                                                  
Special Course of Perseption 3                                                  
Exercise Clinic 3                                                  
Manufacturing of an Ear Piece for Hearing Aids, Individually Implemented Ear Plugs and Manufacturing of Individual Mouth Guards 3                                                  
Hapinness - What Is It About According to Science? 3                                                  
Youth and Mental Illness 3                                                  
Hortycultural Therapy 3                                                  
Artificial Eye 3                                                  
Health Enhancing Physical Activity 3                                                  
Activities as a Support Person 3                                                  
Work - Councelling as a Method to Develop Work 3                                                  
Musculoskeletal Examination and Dissections 3                                                  
Practical Swedish and English in Opticians Work 3                                                  
Engl. 3                                                  
Calculating Optics by Using E-Learning 3                                                  
Fundamentals of Drug Management in the Field of Social Services 3                                                  
Social media 3                                                  
Mental Health, Alcohol, and Drugs Intervention 3                                                  
Engl. 3                                                  
Diagnosis & Treatment of Common Myofascial Pain Syndromes and Triggerpoints 1                                                  
Narrative life story: a functional method in rehabilitation 3                                                  
Methods of Photography as Tools in Sociocultural Work 3                                                  
Pedagogical Partnership in Early Childhood Education 3                                                  
Traumatic Stress and Psychosocial Support 3                                                  
Creative Methods 3                                                  
Get to Know Spectacle Frames 3                                                  
Dysphagia -Swallowing difficulties 3                                                  
The Safety of Diagnostic Ultrasound 1                                                  
Contributory Studies to Radiography 3                                                  
Intensive Finnish in Nursing and Health Care 3                                                  
Non-invasive Examinations. Clinical Practice at the Polytechnic 3                                                  
Medical Imaging in Trauma 3                                                  
Structured recording of patient data in electronic Uranus EHR 2                                                  
How to Empower Labouring Woman? 3                                                  
Engl 3                                                  
Balance in Physiotherapy using Basic Body Awareness Therapy principles 3                                                  
Values Behind our Occupation 3                                                  
Virtual Support in Lifestyle Modification 4                                                  
Development Studies 3                                                  
Sustainability 3                                                  
Name? 3                                                  
Sjukhussvenska 3                                                  
Swedish in Stockholm - Svenska i Stockholm 3                                                  
Neuropsychiatry 3                                                  
Mindfulness and Health 3                                                  
Diagnosis and manual treatment of the common musculoskeletal pain conditions 3                                                  
Multiprofessional Gait Assessment and Analysis 3                                                  
Manual Therapy 2 3                                                  
Health-Enhancing Physical Activity for Older People 3                                                  
Relaxation 3                                                  
Alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) 3                                                  
Palpation Skills 3                                                  
AAC, Alternative and Augmentative Communication 3                                                  
Supervision as Part of Work Development 5                                                  
Statistical Research 1                                                  
Engl 3                                                  
Engl 3                                                  
Vaccination Competence 3                                                  
Physical Activity and Psychomotor Training in Supporting Development of Children and Youth 3                                                  
Sustainable development and early childhood education 3                                                  
Mindfulness skills, values and creative methods 3                                                  
Supporting older people with memory disorders living at home 3                                                  
Body Awareness in Physiotherapy with Basic Body Awareness Therapy principles 3