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Energy and Environmental Technology, Environmental Engineering

Autumn 2019

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Common studies
Introduction to studies and profession
Orientation to Field and Studies 5
Math and Science Basics 1 5
Engineering English and Communication Skills 5
Math and Science Basics 2 5
Introductory Project 5
Fundamentals of Chemistry 1 5
Introduction to Energy and Environmental Technology
Industrial Business 5
Finnish as a Second Language: Finnish at Work 5
Engineering Swedish 5
Fundamentals of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 3 5
Mathematical Tools for Energy and Environmental Engineering 5
Applied project for Energy and Environmental Engineering 5
Basics of Energy and Environmental Technology 5
Common professional studies for Energy and Environmental Engineering
Life Cycle Assessment 5  
Basics of Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Thermodynamics 5  
Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Thermodynamic Applications 5  
Environmental Management 5  
Air Pollution Engineering 5  
Measurement Systems and Data Handling 5  
Environmental Engineering
Advanced studies for water and waste treatment technology
Equipment, reactions and processes in Environmental Engineering 5  
Water resources engineering 1 -Water treatment technologies 5  
Advanced studies in environmental engineering 5  
Material and Energy Efficiency 5  
Water resouces engineering 2 - Water in Municipal Services 5    
Waste Treatment Technology 5  
Resource effective society and project
Environmetrics 5    
Innovation Project 10    
Resource effective society -project 5  
Water resources engineering 3 - Water management systems 5    
Distributed energy production in circular economy 5    
Special professional studies for Environmental Engineering
Computer aided engineering applications in environmental protection 5    
Special project in environmental engineering 5    
Special assignment in Energy and Environmental Engineering 5    
Work placement
Work Placement 1 10
Work placement 2 10  
Work placement 3 10    
Bachelor’s Thesis 15      
Elective study module
Elective study module or elective studies
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 707055203040353535202001515202017.517.517.517.517.517.51010101000

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Energy and Environmental Technology

The degree program provides students with the skills needed to work in the field of energy and environmental technology. The work assignments can be designing, deployment or supervisory work. The studies emphasize strong technical know-how, good communication, teamwork and communication skills. Studies also encourages to internationalization.
Specialization studies is energy production technologies, which focuses on different power plants, energy production processes in power plants and designing related to power plants, such as heat exchangers. Environmental technology affects all of the major courses in the background, as it is an essential part of the operation of power plants.

Further information:
Study Coordinator
Jenni Merjankari
040 5160731

Environmental Engineering

The major subject in environmental engineering provides knowledge of quality- and environmental management systems including the principles of management requirements, auditing and continual improvement. The studies focus on water resource technologies and resource efficiency.