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Metropolia University of Applied Sciences provides education for Bachelor’s Degrees, Master's degrees, professional specialisation studies and other education.

Curriculum describes the competences of the education. The curricula in Metropolia are competence-based. Competence-based curricula define learning outcomes, contents and assessment criteria. Learning outcomes indicate the expected competences. Assessment criteria describe the levels of the expected competences.

Need for curriculum updates are reviewed annually. Every student group has their own curriculum.

The curriculum contains descriptions of all courses. A course can be included in the curricula of different student groups. All the course implementations of a study group are presented in the study guide. Language of instruction, working methods, assessment methods, learning materials are described in the course implementation.

The teacher updates the detailed information for the course in the course implementation plan. If the curriculum contains courses that have not been organised, the implementation plan will be published before the beginning of the enrolment period.

The curricula of completed programmes can be found from the Curriculum Archives.