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Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Social Services and Health Care, 210 ECTS

Occupational Therapist

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Head of Degree Programme
Kaija Kekäläinen
Tel. +358 40 334 5368
Email: kaija.kekalainen(at)

Specific admission requirements

General admission requirements.

Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning

A student has an opportunity to make earlier learning visible and get a decision on the recognition of these competences. Recognition of Prior Learning: >>

Qualification requirements and regulations

Regulations: >>

Profile of the programme

See the general description of the Programme

Key learning outcomes

Key learning outcomes are specified in the programme study plan.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Occupational Therapists work with clients of all ages within health care and social services and in education services. In addition, Occupational Therapists work in the private sector, such as organisations for the disabled, project and development assignments, and as independent entrepreneurs.

Access to further studies

Access to Master’s Degree studies at a university of applied sciences or a university. Access to specialisation studies.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading


Workplacement(s) and Work-based Learning

Clinical placement 1 term 2
Clinical placement 2 term 3
Clinical placement 3 term 4
Clinical placement 4 term 5,6 or 7.

Obligatory or Optional Mobility

Student exhance from 5. term.