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Courses are 100% online SelfStudy courses and course list is for SIMHE Students.

Virve Prami (
Programme Coordinator




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CAREER_BOOST_TXK-1001 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (not translated) 0 cr
TT00EU30 Exploratory Data Analysis with Python 10 cr
TT00EM55 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 5 cr
TT00EM56 Fundamentals of Machine Learning 5 cr
TT00EU31 Introduction to Python for Data Science 8 cr
TT00EM38 Introduction to RPA 2 cr
TT00EO91 Machine Learning with Python 10 cr
TT00EO90 TensorFlow 8 cr
TT00DP30 The Elements of AI 2 cr
CAREER_BOOST_TXK-1002 Cloud Computing (not translated) 0 cr
TT00CC70 Administration Essentials for Salesforce 8 cr
TT00EO92 Azure Machine Learning 15 cr
TT00ER70 Basics of Information Security 6 cr
TT00DU86 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency fundamentals 5 cr
TT00CR29 CISSP: Certified Information System Security Professional 8 cr
TT00EN28 Ethical Hacking 6 cr
TT00DO75 Google G Suite Create 3 cr
TT00DP95 Google G Suite Connect 3 cr
TT00DT62 Introduction to Cloud Computing Services and Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure 8 cr
TT00DG26 Mastering the Fundamentals of RESTful API Design 6 cr
TT00DV81 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 3 cr
TT00DZ47 MS-300: Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork 6 cr
TT00EJ85 Ms Access 2019 5 cr
TT00EN30 Security Solutions (SSCP certification) 8 cr
TT00EN19 Server Pro 2016: Identity 6 cr
TT00EN21 Server Pro 2016: Install and Storage 6 cr
TT00EN18 Server Pro 2016: Networking 6 cr
TT00DC75 Administering and Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, 70-243 5 cr
TT00EN27 The Cisco CCNA Training Package 16 cr
TT00AB22 Security Solutions 6 cr
TT00DC88 Basic Network Analyzing with Wireshark 3 cr
CAREER_BOOST_TXK-1003 IT-Fundamentals (not translated) 0 cr
TT00CJ90 Advanced Usage of Office Programs 6 cr
TT00EN20 Client Pro (MD100 and MD101) 6 cr
TT00ES93 Discrete Mathematics 3 cr
TT00EM33 Engineering Mathematics 5 cr
TT00CQ57 Excel Basics 3 cr
TT00ES95 Expressions and Equations 5 cr
TT00ER83 Finnish for Foreigners 1 5 cr
TT00ER84 Finnish for Foreigners 2 5 cr
TT00ER85 Finnish for Foreigners 3 5 cr
TT00EO93 Fundamentals of Deep Learning 5 cr
TT00EM75 Fundamentals of Scrum and becoming a Scrum Master 8 cr
TT00EM57 Fundamentals of Scrum and Becoming a Product Owner 8 cr
TT00EN29 Introduction to Computing 5 cr
TT00CC68 IT Service Management 6 cr
TT00DD19 Microprocessors 5 cr
TT00DW18 Ms Project 2019 5 cr
TT00ES94 Probability and Statistics 3 cr
TT00EN31 Unix/Linux (Basics and Advanced) 8 cr
CAREER_BOOST_TXK-1004 SW Development (not translated) 0 cr
TT00DU85 ASP.NET Core Application Development 5 cr
TT00EM53 Automated Software Testing with Selenium 5 cr
TT00CB04 C++ Programming 3 cr
TT00CB05 C - Programming 3 cr
TT00DJ78 Developing Chatbots using Microsoft Bot Framework 6 cr
TT00CQ83 Developing Modern Web Platforms (HTML,CSS,JS) 15 cr
TT00EM54 Docker 5 cr
TT00EM58 GraphQL 5 cr
TT00CK71 Introduction to ASP .NET Web Forms 5 cr
TT00EM32 Introduction to C# programming 3 cr
TT00CB03 Introduction to Java Programming 3 cr
TT00ET75 Introduction to Javascript 5 cr
TT00EM36 Introduction to Kotlin 3 cr
TT00CK70 Introduction to SQL Server 5 cr
TT00CM68 Mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 5 cr
TT00CR85 Mastering Version Control with Git 6 cr
TT00DW06 MongoDB 5 cr
TT00EM31 NodeJS 3 cr
TT00CA99 PHP Programming 3 cr
TT00DT54 Game design and gamefication 10 cr
TT00EL09 Advanced Powershell 5 cr
TT00CB02 Python Programming 3 cr
TT00EN82 React.js 15 cr
TT00EO88 React.js fundamentals 3 cr
TT00DH65 Responsive Web Applications with Bootstrap & CSS 8 cr
TT00DW07 Software Testing and Quality Assurance 5 cr
TT00CB01 SQL and Relational Databases 3 cr
TT00DD01 SQL Server Developing 6 cr
TT00DD02 Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure 6 cr
TT00DD00 Querying Data with Transact-SQL 6 cr
TT00DW09 TypeScript 5 cr
TT00DD20 Windows PowerShell 5 cr
CB00EU57 Work placement 5 cr