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Elective Course Offering

Metropolia's elective studies Autumn Semester 2021



A compilation of Metropolia's elective studies' course implementations in autumn semester 2021.

The elective modules are open for all fields of study and all Bachelor degree programmes. The modules do not require any prior knowledge on the subjects. It is also possible to choose individual courses from some of the modules and include them in the degree.


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YVOK2021S-1001 Management and Leadership 15 cr
XX00CF95 Organization as Place of Work 5 cr
XX00CF96 Leadership 5 cr
XX00CF97 Management 5 cr
Wellbeing Coaching
KO00CE57 Health-enhancing Physical Activity and Technology 5 cr
Healthy Workplace
XX00CH60 Can I Be Me? – Gender and Sexuality in Professional Contexts 5 cr
XX00CH58 Help – I know what to do! – First Aid and Safety at Work 5 cr
XX00EJ65 Supporting functional ability in children with neuropsychiatric characteristics 5 cr
XX00EJ66 Neuropsychiatric rehabilitation 5 cr
Multisectoral networking for promoting health and well-being
XX00DP94 Basics of Health Promotion 5 cr