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Elective Course Offering

Metropolia UAS Elective Studies Autumn Semester 2021 (Bachelor's Degree)



Elective studies for all Bachelor students in Metropolia, Autumn Semester 2021. Possible prerequisites are available in the course information.
Various departments of Metropolia are responsible for the course implementations.


Select according to specific criteria: n

MVV2021S-1001 Liiketalous / Business School (not translated) 70 cr
MVV2021S-1002 Kauppa ja yrittäjyysmoduuli (not translated) 15 cr
LX00EK66 Operating Environment and Marketing Mix of Retail Trade 5 cr
LX00EK68 Management of Personnel and Sales 5 cr
LX00EK64 Key Ratios and Management 5 cr
LX00BX63 Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Management 5 cr
LC00ET53 Competitive Intelligence 5 cr
LX00AD52 Contextual Decision Making 5 cr
LC00ET37 Finnish Business Environment 5 cr
LC00EJ12 Seeing Through Data 5 cr
LC00EJ13 Disruptive IT Technologies in Business 5 cr
LD00EH76 Customer-Oriented Service Design 5 cr
LX00EU78 EU Law - e-Commerce, Consumer Rights and Social Dumping 5 cr
LX00EU85 Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 5 cr
LX00CZ05 Distribution and E-Commerce 5 cr
LX00BZ15 Operations Management for Manufacturing and Services 5 cr
TX00EL17 Introduction to Logistics 5 cr
SX00EU84 Myllypuro Turbiini - Incubator Sprint 10 cr