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ICT Summer School 2021 (August)



ICT Summer School 2021 will be held on 2 - 27 August 2021. ICT Summer School offers several intensive courses and the course offering varies every year. CT Summer School is organized by the Information Technology Degree Programme.

Courses are available to all, but please check the prerequisites before enrolling.

Click the name of the course below: The content of the course opens up. When you click the implementation from the top, more implementation details will open up.


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Further information and enrolment instructions:

TX00EL42 Artificial Intelligence in Business Management 3 cr
TX00DC44 Calibration of Measurement Devices and Data Evaluation 3 cr
TX00EU62 Collection and Reporting of Web Analytics Using Google Tag Manager 3 cr
TX00DB89 Design of Safe and Reliable Systems 3 cr
TX00CQ62 Digital Signal Processing 5 cr
TX00EL45 Intercultural Competence 3 cr
TX00EU66 International Business Management 3 cr
TX00EU63 Introduction to Basic Japanese 3 cr
TX00DT51 Introduction to Software Engineering 3 cr
TX00EU64 Management of Change 3 cr
TX00DT52 Mobile App Development Using React Native 3 cr
TX00EL43 Multicore Programming with Java 3 cr
TX00EU65 Productivity and Quality Management 3 cr
TX00DU04 Systematic Innovation with Design-Thinking and Cross-Industry Innovation 3 cr
TX00DT53 The High Tech Start-up – Building an Idea, Refining the Idea and Taking it to Market 3 cr
TT00AC57 Time Management 2 cr