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Metropolia's elective studies Spring Semester 2021



A compilation of Metropolia's elective studies' course implementations in spring semester 2021.


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YVOK2021K-1001 Sustainable Society 0 cr
XX00DP86 Building a sustainable world 5 cr
XX00DP87 Towards sustainable society 5 cr
XX00DW15 5 cr
YVOK2021K-1002 Circular Economy 0 cr
XX00DP89 Basics of Circular Economy 5 cr
XX00DP90 Accelerating the CE-business 5 cr
XX00DP91 Sustainable solutions project 5 cr
YVOK2021K-1003 Management and Leadership 0 cr
XX00CF95 Organization as Place of Work 5 cr
XX00CF96 Leadership 5 cr
XX00CF97 Management 5 cr
YVOK2021K-1004 Entrepreneurship 0 cr
XX00CG15 Basics of Entrepreneurship and Running a Business 5 cr
XX00CG16 Business Plan Project According to Field 5 cr
XX00CG17 Entrepreneur's Role and Function in Society 5 cr
YVOK2021K-1005 Fundamentals of Visual Communication in Media Publishing 0 cr
XX00EN73 Studiovalokuvauksen perusteet 5 cr
XX00EN74 Graafisen suunnittelun työkalut 5 cr
XX00EN75 Kuvankäsittelyohjelmistot 5 cr
YVOK2021K-1006 Wellbeing Coaching 15 cr
KO00CE57 Health-enhancing Physical Activity and Technology 5 cr
XX00CH56 Stay Well - Social Wellbeing and Mental Health 5 cr
YVOK2021K-1007 Healthy Workplace 0 cr
XX00CH59 Workplace wellbeing 5 cr
XX00CH60 Can I Be Me? – Gender and Sexuality in Professional Contexts 5 cr
YVOK2021K-1008 Multisectoral Networking for Promoting Health and Well-being 0 cr
XX00DP92 Media and communication in Health Promotion 5 cr