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Elective Course Offering

Metropolia UAS Elective Studies 2020-2021 (Master's Degree)



Elective studies for all Master students in Metropolia, academic year 2020-2021. Possible prerequisites are available in the course information.
Various departments of Metropolia are responsible for the course implementations.


Select according to specific criteria: n

X000DR49 Artificial Intelligence in Practise 5 cr
SX00DT25 Multi-disciplinary Social Welfare and Social Health Care Management in a Changing Operational Environment 5 cr
SX00EU84 Myllypuro Turbiini - Incubator Sprint 10 cr
SX00EP69 Positive psychology 5 cr
SX00BY17 Rehabilitation Outcomes 5 cr
SX00DK41 Strategic Management in Rehabilitation 5 cr