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Metropolia Summerstudies 2020



Summerstudies in Metropolia 25.5.-31.7.2020
Implementations by degree programmes

Contact: Tiina Kokko, Education Development Services


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LX00BE84 Advanced Excel 3 cr
LX00EL51 Analytics & SAS 5 cr
KO00CD73 Applied Psychology Project Work 1 (one project theme) 5 cr
XX00EJ64 Basics of neuropsychiatry 5 cr
LX00EL35 Business Intelligence 3 cr
SX00BN75 Client Service and Counseling 5 cr
TX00BV41 Electronics 15 cr
LX00EL19 Growth of a Company and Acquiring New Customers with Digital Solutions 3 cr
KO00CD77 Increasing Resources Across the Lifespan - Emphasis on Adulthood 5 cr
SX00BO33 Internship in Voluntary Work 5 cr
SX00CS91 Practical Experiences from Working with Immigrants 5 cr
XX00CH59 Workplace wellbeing 5 cr