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Metropolia's Elective Module: Sustainable society



After completing the course, the students are able to
· identify different aspects and components of sustainable development in their everyday life and in their professional field, and to advance sustainable development in their own activities
· recognise and analyse complex local and global phenomena and their interdependencies from environmental, social and financial points of view
· recognises the significance of sustainable development and its components in relation to the structures and activities of the society
· collect and analyse information and to form a justifiable opinion on the current state, background and future of affairs
· work in a group to plan, implement and evaluate activities that advance sustainable development.


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Further information

Contact: Programme coordinator Jenni Merjankari

The courses can be studied as individual courses.

XX00DP86 Building a sustainable world 5 cr
XX00DW15 5 cr
XX00DP87 Towards sustainable society 5 cr