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Metropolia's Elective Module: Applied Psychology: Interaction over the Lifespan



Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Applied Psychology minor studies include science-based, strongly geared towards everyday life or working life. The studies focus on human activities, in particular the interaction phenomena over the life cycle. The minor consists of four 5 ECTS courses that examine the everyday interactions and challenging phenomenon occurring across the life cycle. Of the four courses, two are carried out in Finnish and two in English with limited bilingual support.

Once a student has successfully completed at least one 5-credit science-based course, he can choose 5/10 credits of Applied Psychology project studies. During the project a deeper exploration of a selected topic, related to the previously studied theoretical knowledge, is undertaken (one project theme = 5 credits).

Open University students are welcome to more deeply explore theoretical ideas though essay projects but work life based projects are reserved for social and healthcare services degree seeking students only. This minor offers the opportunity for interested students from all over Metropolia and through Open UAS to develop the following working life and relational competences:
• Lifespan Communication and Interaction competences
• Management and supportive competences for group phenomenon
• Use of psychological information and knowledge competently
Previous studies in psychology are not required.


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Further information

Contact: Maarit Vallinkoski

KO00CD74 Applied Psychology Project Work (two project themes) 10 cr
KO00CD73 Applied Psychology Project Work 1 (one project theme) 5 cr
KO00CD76 Attachment During the Lifespan - Emphasis on Childhood 5 cr
KO00CD75 Enhancing Communication Skills for Daily Life 5 cr
KO00CD77 Increasing Resources Across the Lifespan - Emphasis on Adulthood 5 cr
KO00CD72 Peer Group Phenomenon - Early Childhood and Young Adult Viewpoint 5 cr