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Master’s Degree (UAS)

Master’s Degree Programme in Cultural Management

Spring 2016

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Year of study 1 2
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Cultural Management
Leadership Studies 10
Cultural Management in Changing Operational Environments 5
Strengthening of Expert Profile 5
Research-based Development Methods 5
Master’s Thesis 30
Optional Studies
(Select 5 ECTS)
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 451027.517.51013.813.88.88.855

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.


The Master´s Degree programme in Cultural Management is intended for those who have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and who have accumulated three years of relevant work experience. The degree title is Master of Culture and Arts.

This degree is implemented cooperatively by Humak University of Applied Sciences and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The goal of this degree is to offer those working in the production of culture a chance to develop and deepen their expertise in the changing operational environment of cultural management. After completing this degree, the student will be able to utilize their developmental skills in the field of culture and, within the framework of their own profile, other fields as well. These skills require the ability to predict the societal and international changes that affect the field of culture, and the ability to plan and direct reformative and developmental action.

The implementation of the studies is mainly planned for a duration of 1,5 years (18 months). The degree can also be completed within a shorter period of time, with a minimum duration of one year (12 months). The multifaceted teaching implementations of this degree include 2-3 days of contact teaching per month. The implementation of the courses takes place for the entire duration of the degree.