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Master's Degree Programme in Civil Engineering
Master of Engineering, 60 ECTS

Master of Engineering, MEng

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Head of Degree Programme
Hannu Hakkarainen

Specific admission requirements

To be eligible, applicants must have a relevant university degree and have at least two years professional experience in the relevant field after the qualification. Applicable degrees include Bachelor of Engineering , Master of Engineering and Master of Science (Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Material and Surface Treatment, Real Estate Management), and Bachelor of Construction Architecture and Bachelor of Construction Site Management (House Building) with supplementary 30 ECTS studies of civil engineering. In addition, the following 4-year / 160 credits of Finnish college or professional degree: engineering, construction, engineer, surface treatment, engineer, plumbing, civil engineering.

Before being accepted as a student, applicants with Bachelor of Construction Site Management degree must complete 30 ECTS supplementary courses, which include the following or similar courses:
Statics - TX00BK07 5 ECTS
Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics - TX00BK08 5 ECTS
Basics of Structural Design - TX00DK99 5 ECTS
Building Physics - TX00BK16 5 ECTS
Production Control - TX00DB37 5 ECTS
Simulations in Building Physics - TX00CQ13 5 ECTS or Special Course in Project Management in Construction - TX00CR97 5 ECTS
Further studies can be taken after Bachelor of Construction Site Management degree in an open university.

In addition, at least two years professional experience in the relevant field shall be a condition for admission to a higher degree.

Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning

According to Metropolia's common rules and instructions. Please follow common RPL rules of Metropolia.

Qualification requirements and regulations

See the Degree Regulations of Helsinki Metropolia UAS.
The awarding of Master of Engineering (MEng) diploma requires the acquisition of no less than 60 ECTS points.

Profile of the programme

The specialisation option of the degree programme is renovation.

Key learning outcomes

Yhteisten opintojen pääpaino on tutkimusvalmiuksissa ja rakennusfysiikassa. Koulutuksen aikana opiskelijoille tarjotaan korjausrakentamisen suuntautumisvaihtoehdossa opintojaksoja vanhoista rakennuksista ja niiden rakenteista, rakenteiden vaurioitumisesta ja kuntotutkimuksista sekä korjausrakentamisen menetelmistä ja tuotantotekniikasta. Tutkintoon kuuluu myös 30 opintopisteen laajuinen opinnäytetyö, joka liittyy kiinteästi esim. yrityksen kehityshankkeisiin.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Syntyvät tiedot, taidot ja kompetenssit antavat sinulle valmiudet toimia korjausrakentamisen hankkeissa asiantuntijana tai projektinjohtajana suunnittelussa tai toteutuksessa.

Access to further studies

Opportunities for further study is a Doctor's degree at universities.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

See the Degree Regulations of Helsinki Metropolia UAS.

Graduation requirements

A student is required to successfully complete the designated program of courses to meet a minimum of 60 ECTS credit requirement.

Mode of study

Part-time studies. Contact teaching periods take place approximately twice a month.

Level of qualification

Master's Degree (Second Cycle)

Workplacement(s) and Work-based Learning


Obligatory or Optional Mobility