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Master’s Degree (UAS)

Digital Media Service Design

Autumn 2018

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Year of study 1 2
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Advanced Professional Studies in Media
Design and Development of Media Services 15
Media management 5
Research and Development in Media
Research and Development Methods 5
Master’s Thesis and Maturity Test 30
Elective Studies
(Select 5 ECTS)
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 401517.522.5158.88.811.311.37.57.5

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.


Digitalisation and the growth of web based serivces have changed and will change the field of media. The change has an effect on the content production processes, business logics and employment profiles. The degree programme of digital media service design provides means for strenghtening one's skills and knowledge in digital media. The studies enhances students' abilities for succeeding in management and demanding expert positions.

Main content areas of the studies include:
- knowledge of the media branch: trends and future visions, media technology environment and publishing platforms, business models and value chains
- managing the concept design and development of media services
- user-centered design, usability and user interfaces
- management and leadership in media
- research and development.

The aim is that students will be able to analyse the state and future development of media, apply technological innovations and research based knowledge in concept design and productising of media services and to evaluate the media products in relation to the market conditions.

The study objectives in the degree programme are based on working life. The students have at least three years of work exprirence and the aim is to develop skills and knowledge that are applicable to the students' own work in developing products, services, content or production processess.

The degree programme is based on diversity: one can apply with a variety of degrees and the students work at a wide range of professions in media. In addition, the other master's degrees in Metropolia provide possibilities for deepening one's ability to operate in a diversified and multidisciplinary context. The objective of the degree programme is to develop the student's ability for lifelong learning so that the analytical and researh-based development of work and processes can continue after the studies. The students develop their skills in self management, self reflection and communication durinf their studies. Internationality a part of the studies through e.g. study trips or international visiting lecturers.


Tutkinto-ohjelman yleiset kompetenssit ovat:
- oppimisen taidot
- eettinen osaaminen
- työyhteisöosaaminen
- innovaatio-osaaminen
- kansainvälistymisosaaminen

Tutkinto-ohjelman kompetenssialueet ovat:
- käyttäjälähtöinen suunnittelu
- mediapalveluiden suunnittelu ja kehittäminen
- tutkimus- ja kehittämisosaaminen
- johtamistaito ja esimiestyö media-alalla (not translated)