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Bachelor’s Degree (UAS), Undergraduate Programmes

Degree Programme in Social Services (in English)

Autumn 2013

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Socio-pedagogical orientation
Introduction to Studies 3
Basics of information technology 3
Expert and research communication 3
Orientation to social pedagogy 5
Work and the operating environment of Bachelors of Social Services
Development of the welfare state 5
Work and work orientations within the social service sector 5
Lifestyle and culture 3
Functioning as a team member in the workplace 3
People in society
Individual in society - optional
(Choose one)
Supporting daily life - physical education 3
Supporting daily life - music education 3                                                  
Supporting daily life - art education 3                                                  
Supporting daily life - writing and literature 3                                                  
Supporting daily life in early childhood 3                                                  
Social participation and exclusion 4
Individual growth and development 4
Counselling in social pedagogy
Individual and community counselling 6
On-line encounters and web-based counselling 3    
Professional English 3
Work placement 1 - Orientation to socio-pedagogical work 7
Socio-pedagogical work
(Select 17 ECTS)
Empowerment and social advocacy in socio-pedagogical work 5  
Ethics in socio-pedagogical work 3  
Threatening client situations 3  
Basics of professional research and development 3  
Swedish at Work 3  
Finnish as a Second Language: Finnish at Work 3                                                  
Service system in the social service sector
Producing welfare services 3  
Legislation and the service system 3  
Case management 3  
Basics of research and development methodology 3  
Leading different lives
Mental health 3  
Substances 3  
Disabilities and long-term illnesses 3  
Child protection 3  
Work placement 2 - Socio-pedagogical work with clients 12  
Optional professional studies in social pedagogy
(Select 33 ECTS)
Diverse social counselling
(On the student's own choice.)
Social security in everyday life 5    
Social counselling of adults 5                                                  
Community work
(On the student's own choice.)
Socio-cultural inspiring 5    
Community and individual 5                                                  
Creative methods 5                                                  
Early childhood education
(On the student's own choice.)
Basics of early childhood education 5                                                  
Children's individual growth, development and learning 5                                                  
Content orientations of early childhood education 5                                                  
Professional activity in social pedagogy
(On the student's own choice.)
Youth as a phase of life 5    
Special education in different phases of life 5                                                  
Work with families 5                                                  
Abusive behaviour and domestic violence 5                                                  
Medication in social services 5                                                  
Strengthening professional growth of Bachelors of Social Services
Work placement 3 - Strengthening professionalism of Bachelors of Social Services 18      
Bachelors of Social Services in the workplace environment
Leadership in the work community 4    
Entrepreneurship in the social service sector 3    
English in social services 3    
Professional growth 5
Work placement 4 - The multifaceted work in the social service sector 8  
Developing of socio-pedagogical work
Final project
Analysing ideas for the final project 3    
Drawing up a plan for the final project 3    
Implementing the final project 6      
Maturity test and publication 3      
Innovation Project 10    
Quantitative research methods 3    
Qualitative research methods 3    
Elective Studies
(Select 10 ECTS)
Elective Studies
Mental Health Care Among Children and Adolescents 3                                                  
Recruiting New students... 3                                                  
Preparatory Course in Swedish 3                                                  
English Review Course 3                                                  
ECG and Spirometry 3                                                  
Developing Countries Studies and Student Exchange in Developing Countries 3                                                  
engl 3                                                  
engl 3                                                  
Molecular Biology Techniques 1 3                                                  
Methods of Medical Mathematics 3                                                  
Training for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Foot Care - Support for Lifestyle Modification 3                                                  
Design and Fabrication of Therapeutic Shoe and the Individual Shoe Modifications 3                                                  
Safaty in Mobility and Working on the Ward 3                                                  
Mental Diseases in Adulthood 3                                                  
Training for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Foot Care - Support for Lifestyle Modification 3                                                  
Sport for all- Adapted Physical Activity 3                                                  
Taping in Physiotherapy 3                                                  
Therapeutic Play 3                                                  
Scientific Writing and Statistical Analysis Using SPSS-programme 3                                                  
Current Issues in Social Pedagogy 3                                                  
Special Course of Perseption 3                                                  
Exercise Clinic 3                                                  
Manufacturing of an Ear Piece for Hearing Aids, Individually Implemented Ear Plugs and Manufacturing of Individual Mouth Guards 3                                                  
Hapinness - What Is It About According to Science? 3                                                  
Youth and Mental Illness 3                                                  
Hortycultural Therapy 3                                                  
Artificial Eye 3                                                  
Health Enhancing Physical Activity 3                                                  
Activities as a Support Person 3