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Bachelor’s Degree (UAS), Undergraduate Programmes

Degree Programme in Optometry

Autumn 2005

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Core Studies
Core Requirement Studies
Information Technology and Computing Skills 3
Verbal, Written and Web-based Communication Skills 3
Skills for Studies and International Contexts 3
Core Studies
Swedish at Work 3  
Professional English 3
Anatomy and Physiology 3
Principles of Professional Functioning in the Field of Optometry 6
Social and Health Care Politics and Practices 3
Basics of Practice-Inspired Research and Development 3
Ergonomics 3
Professional Studies
Manufacturing, Repairing, Fitting and Dispensing Spectacles
Spectacle Repairs and Grinding of Lenses 4
Manufacturing Spectacle Lenses with Automatic Machines and Model Work 4  
Optics 1 3
Optics 2 3
Lens Technology
Basics of Lens Technology 4
Advanced Studies in Lens Technology 4  
Principles of Eye Examination
Principles of Eye Examination 5  
Subjective Measurement of the Eye's Refractive Error and Binocular Vision 7  
Examining the Muscular Balance of the Eye and Dispensing of Reading Glasses 7    
Examining the Eye’s Refractive Error and Anisometropia 7    
Examining the Eye’s Refractive Error and Anomalies of Binocular Vision 4      
Low Vision, Low Vision Aids and Community Planning 4      
Ophthalmologic Examinations
Ophthalmologic Measurements 4
Opthalmoscopy 3  
Basic Contactology 3    
Fitting Contact Lenses 5      
Medical Studies
Ocular Anatomy and Physiology 4
Visual Neurophysiology 3
Clinical Microbiology 3  
Ophthalmologic Medicine and Ocular Pharmacology 4  
Work Vision and Vision Screening
Work Vision and Vision Screening 4    
Optoergonomics Project 4    
Practice-Inspired Research and Development
Methods of Practice-Inspired Research and Development 3  
Utilisation of Practice-Inspired Research and Development 3  
Entrepreneurship and Business Activities 3    
Entrepreneurship and Business Activities in Optometry 6      
Elective Studies
Elective Studies
Elective Studies 12
Work Placement
Work Placement
Work Placement and Manufacturing Spectacles 8  
Examining Refractive Errors 8  
Spectacle Prescription and Reading Glasses 8    
Vision Examining, Working Glasses and Contact Lenses 8    
Work Placement and Training in the Teaching Optical Shop 7      
Final Project
Final Project and Maturity Test
Identifying Developmental Needs for the Final Project 3  
Designing the Plan for the Final Project 4    
Implementation of the Final Project 5    
Utilisation of the Final Project and Maturity Test 3      
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 576352.724.7054.52.559443.39.420.34.3053.

The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.


Rationale of the degree
Those graduating from the Degree Programme in Optometry are awarded the degree title 'Optometrist' and become licensed health care professionals with the title 'licensed optician'.

Practising as an Optometrist requires completion of the Bachelor of Health Care (Optometry) degree and a licence granted by the National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs to practise as an optician.

Optometrists provide vision care services and function as vision specialists. Studies are grouped into theoretical studies at the Polytechnic and periods of work placement in Finland or abroad in workplaces such as optician's shops or manufacturing/import companies.

Studies place emphasis on a reflective, critical and investigative work approach, which is supported by practical project assignments and a final project. Students participate in multidisciplinary projects that promote their professional development both within Helsinki Polytechnic and in co-operation with various partners from the world of work.

Functioning in health care and optometry calls for a distinct professional identity and clear professional ethics, the ability to work with clients in an independent, reliable, responsible and systematic manner, as well as sharing responsibility in a team and within a working community. Professional practice means a conscious effort to assess and develop one's own personality and professional skills as well as one's own field.
Optometrists perform vision examinations independently, measure, prescribe and fit spectacles, contact lenses and low vision aids. Making and dispensing spectacles and counselling and guiding clients in the use of vision care equipment form an integral part of the work of Optometrists. They need to be ready to serve and be interested in tasks related to trading.
Optometrists function as vision specialists in health care, technology, business and environmental and transport planning. They work as experts when solving environment-related vision problems that require knowledge of light and lighting, colour and shape perception and the ability to see in different environments and situations. In addition, Optometrists also participate in research and are involved in preventive health care. They develop their professional knowledge and working methods by following developments in the optometry field and in technologies, while also taking an active and innovative part in developing their working communities and the field.

In the future, developments in the optical field, industry and technology will bring new challenges to optometry professionals. Co-operation and networking with multidisciplinary teams and vision specialist assignments will increase.

Contact Information
Saija Flinkkilä (Degree Programme Coordinator)
P.O. Box 4033
FI-00099 City of Helsinki
Telephone: +358 9 3108 1302
Fax: +358 9 3108 1292
E-mail: saija.flinkkila[at]
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