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Cost of Living

Tuition Fees

The collection of tuition fees will be introduced for non-EU/EEA students in Finland from August 2017 onwards. For more information, click here.

Funding your Studies

Scholardships: Metropolia UAS is not able to neither offer any scholarships or funding for students nor assist  students in finding funding for their studies. It is best to look and apply for possible scholarships in your home country before leaving for Finland.

Employment opportunities: While it may be possible to cover part of your living expenses doing part-time work, it is not necessarily easy to find a part-time job, especially if you do not speak Finnish (or Swedish language skills, in some areas of Finland). Generally speaking, you should not count on part-time work as your sole source of student financing, since it cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to find a part-time job. For more information on work permits please contact the Employment and Economic Development Office.

Student discounts: As an enrolled student you can get discounts for example in student restaurants and cafeterias and on public transport (see Helsinki Region Transport HSL).

Prices in Finland

When applying for the student residence permit, international students (non-EU/EEA students) need to show that they have at least 500€ per month (6000€ per year) at their disposal. Since degree students need to renew their student residence permit annually, degree students should be able to demonstrate that they have the required amount at their disposal also when renewing the permit.

EU citizens who come to Finland to study do not need to apply for a student residence permit. However they should also be able to cover their living costs independently.

The cost of living in Finland, on average, is comparable to the rest of Europe. For basic expenses such as food, rent and transportation, you should count at least 700-1000 € for each month. This could be divided, for example, as follows:

  • Rent 400-700 €
  • Food 250 €
  • Transport 25-80 €
  • Leisure 100 €

All this of course depends on your personal spending habits. Be prepared to have more expenses at the beginning of your stay - for the deposit for your apartment, the student card, text books etc. Consider also budgeting some money for leisure and free-time activities.

Examples of Prices

  • Lunch at the student restaurant 2.6 €
  • Milk (1 l) 1 €
  • Cheese (1 kg) 9 €
  • Apples (1 kg) 2 €
  • Coffee (500 g) 5 €
  • Bread (loaf) 2 €
  • Cinema ticket 8-14 €
  • Museums (student price) 6 €
  • Beer in a pub (0.5 l) 5-6 €
  • Wine bottle in Alko 8 €
  • Pizza 8 €

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Last update 26 August 2016