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General Information for Students

This section of the Metropolia Study Guide contains general information on studies, practicalities and everyday life at Metropolia and in Finland for degree students and exchange students.

Metropolia student services include

International Programmes – International Programmes at Metropolia cover several Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes that accept both degree students and exchange students. These programmes are conducted fully in English. Exchange students can also be accepted in other degree programmes which offer course packages for exchange students for a semester or a year.

Practical Information for Mobile Students – Practical Information for Mobile Students helps you to understand a little bit better what to expect from your stay with Metropolia. How is studying like at Metropolia? What about Finland and the Helsinki metropolitan area and how is the language suomi like? What needs to be done for immigration?

Material for New Degree Students - Material for New Degree Students is aimed at degree students who have been recently admitted to study a full degree at Metropolia. This section includes information for instance on the admission procedures and arrival arrangements. Metropolia hosts some 900 international students who study a degree at Metropolia.

Incoming Exchange – Incoming Exchange offers information on the application process and available courses for incoming exchange students. Metropolia is pleased to receive some 350 exchange students every year to study for a semester or a year at Metropolia. International coordinators in all study fields help you to settle in at Metropolia.

Accommodation – Accommodation is a very important step when you are preparing your arrival to Finland. Be quick in applying once you have been accepted to study at Metropolia, as accommodation might be difficult to arrange in the Helsinki metropolitan area, especially in the autumn.

Student Services – Student services are designed to help students with everyday study-related matters such as study right, enrolment and student financial aid. In addition, student affairs offices provide students with study certificates, transcripts of records and discount ticket applications for public transportation. Student services have six offices located on different campuses.

Student Well-Being and Medical Facilities – Student Well-Being and Medical Facilities offer information on well-being and health care services at Metropolia. Students’ well-being is considered very important in Metropolia. Students have access to several well-being services and facilities during their studies, such as nurses, counselling psychologists and activities. In addition, the Finnish health care system provides services to international students.

Student Associations – The Student union METKA offers plenty of opportunities for free-time activities, sports and networking as well as study-related support to Metropolia students. METKA aims at making your study period more active, social, fun and healthy.

Last update 20 May 2015