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Computer Networks and Security

Autumn 2012

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Year of study 1
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Computer Networks
(Select 21 ECTS)
Local Area Networks (CCNA1) 3
Internetworks (CCNA2) 3
Virtual Local Area Networks (CCNA3) 3
Wide Area Networks (CCNA4) 3
Wireless LANs 5
Network Management in IP Networks 4
Information Security
(Select 14 ECTS)
PC Assembly and Management 3
Introduction to Information Security 3
IT Security 3
Network Security 5
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 35152096812

Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Koulutuksen kuvaus

The specialisation studies are focused on the design and implementation of network systems and they offer a good chance to update and upgrade the networking and security knowledge and skills of ICT systems. The computer networks studies (CCNA1 – CCNA 4) are based on the Cisco Networking Academy learning environment and they give a chance to acquire Cisco Networking Certificates at a commercial training centre. The language of instruction is English.